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A global celebration of the hamburger


In praise of the hamburger - loved by many, feted in films too.


28th May marked the global celebration of one of the most popular, best-known and probably most-eaten foods: the hamburger. It was invented around the year 1800 in Hamburg, Germany, and was initially a meatball between two slices of bread eaten by sailors in the port. Since then, it has gone through many variations and is even available in vegetarian versions now. But it is the United States that has made the hamburger world-famous, the number-one choice for barbecues and fast food restaurants around the world.


Even films like Pulp Fiction, Falling Down, All the President's Men and more have glorified the burger. To celebrate the day, a “well-known” brand decided to give away 250,000 Quarter Pounders and Cheeseburgers in Sydney. The result was queues of hungry folk and staff rushed off their feet.





Fast and informal, grabbed with a group of friends or on a lunch break at work, the hamburger is one of the most-eaten foods in the world and is the engine behind a huge global business. To give you an idea: a single chain, probably the best-known, sells over 75 hamburgers every second. 

In Italy, with its excellent food tradition, the hamburger has been revisited and reworked in various combinations and flavours, including versions with other types of white meat, fish and vegetables (see


Whether grilled, pan-fried or cooked in gourmet recipes, the perfect hamburger is made using meat minced or pressed according to processing criteria that maintain the organoleptic qualities of the ingredients, possibly without breaking the cold chain, and without pressing the meat too much so the hamburger remains compact yet soft.


To meet consumer demand, Minerva Omega Group has designed and manufactured a series of professional machines ideal for hamburger preparation. Not simple meat mincers or hamburger forming machines, for example, but “refrigerated meat mincers and hamburger forming machines” capable of slowing the growth of bacteria, for perfect mince with unchanged colour and quality (see, as well as automatic hamburger/forming machines capable of producing large quantities of hamburgers or meatballs.








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