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At Minerva Omega the future is already here

The IoT (Internet of things and machines) is already a reality for us.


Everyone is talking about it. The forecasts say that by 2020 (not that far away…) between 20 and 100 billion objects in the world will be connected to the network. This may be a chilling thought to some, but it is actually a natural progression of machine-to-human interaction. The fourth industrial revolution. Interconnection through the network and smart management of information, states and usage. Household appliances, cars, vending machines, machine tools, operating machines - in short, any device or equipment will have its own IP address (a unique identification code) and will be connected to the network to collect and exchange data without human intervention. These data will then be available for verification, analysis and processing in order to improve the relationship between humans and machines or humans and devices.


At Minerva Omega Group the importance of this vision was acknowledged immediately and, thanks to its forward-thinking management and its agreements with strategic suppliers, it has become the very first food processing company to adopt the innovative system NEmoSY (Nexus Monitoring System), designed and produced by the all-Italian firm DSC Nexus ( ››).


What is NEmoSY?

NEmoSY (registered trademark) is a system that collects all the data used in the management of all the machinery at our various centres or laboratories and makes them legible, usable and viewable, through tables, diagrams, text lists, either by the operator or by security or maintenance managers at centralised offices. The exchange of information between operating machine and human takes place through secure connections and reliable devices (interfaces) designed specifically to enable this interaction. Put simply, Minerva Omega machines, and all other machines within a point of sale, can send information to a PC, tablet or through text alerts on work/operating status for effective management of predictive maintenance, for example (by identifying potential faults before they occur or suggesting the replacement of worn parts before machine functionality is compromised) rather than just energy consumption, emergencies, malfunctions, downtime, operating temperature, hours worked, etc.




What are the advantages?

“We are confident of being ahead of the curve in this aspect. This kind of functionality might seem too modern or technological right now, but we are certain that for some organisations (such as large-scale retail or food processing centres) this management system can meet primary requirements and optimise costs over time. We are pioneers in this. We are innovative, but above all we are already ready…”


This connectivity is a great potential for our customers:
- lower fixed costs than analogue machines
- improved management of all machinery
- centralised access and controls
- medium and long term economic benefits
- fewer calls for support
- less downtime
- higher productivity


Last but not least, NEmoSY by DSC Nexus requires no great investment in servers or installations, as everything is backed up in the Cloud Computing platform provided by Microsoft Azure.


Minerva Omega: the industrial evolution that encourages your management evolution.


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