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C/E W22H

Table top refrigerated meat mincers made of with semiautomatic hamburger attachment

NEW! Strong with its experience, La Minerva now launches its series of refrigerated, premium quality and even more improved and reliable mincers!

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The machine complies with CE standards in terms of hygiene and safety.


Semiautomatic hamburger attachment. Available in two different thickness under choice, 14 mm or 17 mm. Built with full washable parts. Stop (at desired weight) and automatic restart. Portions with constant weight.


Hamburger dimensions
Max: L 115 mm x H 90 mm
Medium: L 95 mm x H 90 mm
Min: L 60 mm x H 90 mm




Thickness and hamburgers weight
14 mm or 17mm (it has to be choose at the moment of purchase order).



























  • “WH” versions with semiautomatic hamburger attachment

  • Stainless steel outer body

  • Stainless steel hopper

  • Stainless steel frame and feeding pan

  • Stainless steel internal head, worm and clamp wheel

  • Enterprise version: stainless steel plate and knife (self-sharpening)

  • Unger version: 3 pcs. for 22 (Ø 82) and 5 pcs. for 22 (Ø 82) and 32 (Ø 98)

  • Transparent Plexiglas cover as standard

  • Start, Stop and Reverse with NVR system at low tension

  • Independent mincing and refrigeration systems

  • On request: Special voltages, 60 Hz, stainless table with wheels.


  • Hermetic and silent compressor

  • Electronic thermostat with an efficient  temperature management

  • Optimal running temperature 1°C

  • R134A Refrigerant gas with null environmental impact

  • Chilled hopper on 5 sides


Head   22/82
Output kg/h (kg/min) 300 (5)
Motor TPH V 400/3 50 Hz kW (HP)
V 230/1 50 Hz kW (HP)
1,1 (1,5)
0,9 (1,2)
Compresser V 200-V 240/1 50 Hz
kW (HP)
0,19 (0,253)
GAS: R-134a
Output of hamburger units/h ~ 500
Net weight kg 55






Unger S5


Unger S3



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