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Food packaging is the FOCUS at IFFA 2019.


Increasingly high standards, ever higher-performing machines and systems, focus on integrity, hygiene, safety, waste reduction and sustainable production. This is the fundamental role of food packaging. Packaging is getting Smarter.


Source FOODMEAT March/April 2019 - Analysis MediaticaWeb, Bologna


The fast-growing food packaging sector is injecting more innovation than any other to adapt to regulatory changes and consumer trends.

Many businesses presented their latest products at the recent IFFA trade show in Frankfurt. Minerva Omega Group was also there, presenting brand-new professional machine lines for the food processing sector. Let's take a look at the new trends.



Consume less and think about recyclable packaging.

Sustainability is undoubtedly the hottest trend amongst consumers and manufacturers, especially following the publication of the European Union's strategy on plastic. Lighter yet no less robust packs save on raw materials and energy costs; more sustainable materials that are recyclable, compostable or biodegradable; more advanced packs that use less film and minimise waste, but also single-portion packs to reflect changing lifestyles in Europe (with many more people living alone) and reduce the amount of food wasted.


Longer shelf life.

Another important aspect in the fight against food waste is vacuum or controlled atmosphere packaging. This technology prolongs the shelf life of fresh and cured meat and vegetables, as it slows down the process of oxidation, decomposition, build-up of bacteria and mould. Inert gas, if used, reduces the breathability of the products and maintains freshness, flavour and appearance for longer, using sealed films designed specifically for this purpose.


Visit our website here to see an entire section dedicated to the advantages of vacuum packing and storage. AIRLESSS, Minerva Omega Group's simple, modern, safe and low-cost system, provides an effective, ideal response to all requirements, from delicatessens to large-scale retailers, from restaurants to large kitchens or canteens, especially when teamed with low-temperature sous-vide cooking, which saves time and energy, and maintains the nutritional properties of the food.


Multifunction packaging and new prospects.

Smart, or functional, packaging has emerged as a new system for countering waste. In short, smart packaging interacts with the product by absorbing and releasing protective substances. A chip provides information on time and temperature to indicate the state of the product, humidity regulators and other functions such as anti-tampering controls. These are innovative packs incorporating advanced technologies that offer consumers greater safeguards and reduce food waste. In Italy we are just at the beginning, but new electronic technologies and the Internet of Things will soon facilitate the development of these new trends.


For further information on our vacuum packing systems:



AIRLESSS, a new brand line from Minerva Omega Group, is a line of machines and equipment resulting from our extensive technical experience as designers and manufacturers of food processing systems.


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