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Meat and vegetables together. A winning combination.


Combining meat and vegetables is a growing new trend in meat-based products, which are increasingly purchased and consumed at delicatessen counters.

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They say the stomach is not a washing machine. But neither will it digest just anything. The correct diet requires balance. This is probably why we are seeing a growing trend in meat-based products with added vegetables. No one invents anything from scratch, because you could say everything has already been invented. Mexico's famous meat and vegetable burritos have been around forever: onion, beef mince, sliced peppers, black beans and sweetcorn. All wrapped in a corn flour tortilla. But there are hundreds and hundreds of recipes from all over the world that team meat and vegetables in a plethora of different ways.


One example of a balanced diet is the Mediterranean diet, which combines these foods to delicious and nutritious effect. In the USA, where huge quantities of hamburgers are consumed, the mince and mushrooms combination has been popular for a while. Mushrooms are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, and adding them to a hamburger means it contains 350 fewer calories (source FOODMEAT March/April 2019). And what about meatballs? How many different meat and vegetable combinations do we know for this much-loved food?






To meet this rising demand from the food processing sector, Minerva Omega has developed a series of hamburger and meatball forming machines with high production standards that can process meat and vegetable blends in different shapes, weights and compactnesses. We also design and manufacture in ways that make it much easier to perform size changeovers and clean food contact parts, reducing tooling and sanitisation times to a minimum.



A new patented model of hamburger forming machine with built-in meatball forming machine was recently presented at Frankfurt's IFFA. A single machine entirely in stainless steel capable of producing hamburgers up to 135 mm in diameter of variable thickness and meatballs from 25 to 39 mm in diameter, with no major size changeovers required. Its output levels are impressive: up to 3000 hamburgers/hour; up to 6000 meatballs/hour, depending on mixture type.


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