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Minerva Omega Group in the scientific world too


Mechanical precision and safety are a question of quality in the scientific world too. Two reports, just a few days apart, featured one of our key products being used in very different sectors: the Minerva Omega Group bone saw.


RAI, prime-time TG1 news programme, 12 March 2017. A report on ice studies on the summit of Mont Blanc. Researchers are carrying out deep core drilling to analyse climate change, the damage from atmospheric pollution and global warming, and the bacteria that survive even in the harshest of conditions. Just like a book, the ice reveals details about the past and the health of our environment. Scholars can crunch the data produced and thus see what mistakes have been made and safeguard against them in the future. The same is also happening in other parts of the world. Some samples will be analysed, while others will be taken and preserved at a site at the South Pole. It was during the report that a close-up shot of a La Minerva bone saw in a laboratory was featured complete with its recognition label. It is understood the team of Italian glaciologists and engineers are using it to precision cut the ice cores for further study.


National daily newspaper, la Repubblica, edition of Friday 31 March 2017. The local news insert featured an article on the laboratory at Bologna's “bones bank” at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute. The opening photo in the article is a close-up of a laboratory technician dressed head to foot in a white lab suit and a La Minerva countertop bone saw.  The caption under the photo reads: “Welcome to the human bones bank. Donors are enabling us to reconstruct life”. The article describes how a team of professionals travel to Emilia Romagna to take bone explants from patients who had authorised the donation prior to their death. The article goes into technical detail, describing how important it is for the laboratory to work with precision on parts of these bones so that they can be preserved ahead of being transplanted into patients with serious bone disorders or injuries.


La Minerva bone saws are also used for scientific studies in hospitals and laboratories elsewhere around the world. And we are extremely proud that, when mechanical precision, operator safety and simple maintenance are needed, as in the sophisticated and difficult scientific world, our high quality products are there, even in the harshest working conditions.


Minerva Omega Group equipment is there when maximum precision and reliability are required. 



RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana) – TG 1  - Some frames from the report


National daily newspaper "la Repubblica" – 31 March 2017-04-03

The La Minerva bone saw in operation at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute laboratory.                        










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