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Press release - Award for Minerva Omega Group




Bologna, 7 June 2016


Minerva Omega Group is a Bologna-based company strongly rooted in our home territory, led by the 3rd generation of entrepreneurs, which celebrated 70 years in business in 2015.


It will be one of the companies receiving the “innovation award SMAU R2B” in Bologna on 9 and 10 June.


The award, given to companies in various manufacturing sectors, will be given to Minerva Omega Group due to the IOT (Internet of Things) applied to its food processing machinery.

MOG, which defends its production without delocalisation, despite the difficulties of producing in our own country, targets its products at large wholesalers, catering, hospitals, retailers, and food processing centres. Almost 70% of company turnover is made abroad, where its entirely Italian-made machines are recognised for their quality, durability and operator safety.


The winning idea

The market in which MOG operates is saturated and highly competitive because of pressure from Asian manufacturers, which can produce at lower prices. However, these Asian products carry much higher maintenance costs in the medium and long term, as well as often having safety-related issues. To give added value to its machines, MOG therefore decided, ahead of its major competitors, to broaden its skills by connecting to the Internet its own machines (new or installed) and all machines belonging to competitors, or other equipment manufacturers, that may be installed in the various centres in a bid to gain management and total control, which makes for a win win relationship between the customer and the manufacturer.


Applying the IOT to the food processing machinery led to the setting up of a specific spin-off. DSC Nexus was founded in 2013 and quickly created the entirely Italian NEMOSY, a platform on Microsoft's Azure cloud that enables two-way dialogue between human and equipment through the sending of data, technical reports, information, messages, instructions, etc.


NEmoSY (registered trademark) collects the data used in the management of the machinery at our various centres or laboratories and makes them legible, usable and viewable, through tables, diagrams and text lists, by the operator and by security or maintenance managers at centralised offices. The exchange of information between operating machine and human takes place through secure connections and interfaces designed specifically to enable this interaction.


In short, Minerva Omega machines, and all other machines within a point of sale or plant, can send status information to a server for viewing on any device (PC, tablet) with the creation of e-mail and text message alerts, for effective management of predictive maintenance, thus preventing and anticipating faults before they occur or suggesting the replacement of worn parts before machine functionality is compromised. Other important information is also sent for better management of energy consumption, emergencies, malfunctions, downtime, operating temperature, hours worked, etc.


For MOG customers, this connectivity can provide some major advantages:

  • lower fixed costs than analogue machines
  • improved management of all machinery
  • centralised and parametrized access and controls
  • medium and long term economic benefits
  • fewer calls for support
  • less downtime
  • higher productivity
  • possible integration of all ERP and CRM management systems

The attention to market requirements and the search for ad hoc solutions designed to increase the efficiency of the machines offered to the international market will enable MOG to maintain and consolidate its position as a highly skilled, innovative and ethical company.


You are invited to the Live Show, when Minerva Omega Group will receive its award on: Thursday 9 June at 10:00 am at the TV Studio in Hall 33 of BolognaFiere.


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