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S5-C5-SX5-CX5 / S7-C7-SX7-CX7

Vertical slicing machine

  • S= version with ham hopper
  • C= version with meat hopper
  • Made of aluminium alloy treated with anodic oxidation.
  • Belt drive (S5 - C5, S7 - C7) or gear (SX5 - CX5, SX7 - CX7)
  • Built-in sharpener.
  • For retail, supermarkets and collective catering.
  • Controls with N.V.R. device
  • On request: inox finger guard (C5 - C7 - CX5 - CX7).


Optional » Certification »
The machine complies with CE standards in terms of hygiene and safety.


S5 VERTICAL SLICING MACHINE sausages - blade Ø 350 mm
C5 VERTICAL SLICING MACHINE meat - blade Ø 350 mm
S7 VERTICAL SLICING MACHINE sausages - blade Ø 370 mm
C7 VERTICAL SLICING MACHINE meat - blade Ø 370 mm


Model   S5-C5-SX5-CX5


Diameter of the blade mm 350 370
Motor TPH kW
0,31 (0,41) (S5-C5)
0,33 (0,44) (SX5-CX5)
0,31 (0,41) (S7-C7)
0,33 (0,44) (SX7-CX7)
Motor SPH kW
0,37 (0,50) (S5-C5)
0,27 (0,37) (SX5-C5)
0,37 (0,50) (S7-C7)
0,27 (0,37) (SX7-CX7)
Carriage stroke mm 380 380
Cut Ø mm 270 285
Cut mm 325x270 (S5-SX5)
305x270 (C5-CX5)
315x285 (S7-SX7)
325x285 (C7-CX7)
Cut thickness mm 0/23 0/23
Net weight Kg 45 46


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