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A slicer with a built-in scale? Here’s why...


A weighing system built into the slicer. With the added bonus of a handy digital weight reader. It’s a solution that meets operators’ needs, particularly those in mass retail, which focuses strongly on optimising and drastically reducing customer waiting times. 


The system, which does not issue a receipt, is applied to the slicer in order not to reduce the operating space as the scale pan is the same size as the support surface. The big advantage lies in the operator being able to make a series of more precise cuts over the span of a shift without having to move from the slicer to the scale: this means less moving back and forth, and therefore optimised time and energy. Faster, less tired and more precise operators: more customers served.


All machines represented here are already set up for fitting the system for managing and monitoring NEMOSY (Nexus Monitoring SYstem ») by DSC Nexus, adopted by Minerva Omega Group exclusively.

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