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Technology has always taken and will always take centre stage at our company

Technical excellence, design and production are in our DNA. A long and deep-rooted tradition that has become a strong point essential for our day-to-day battle for the quality and defence of our exclusively Italy-based production.


Those who have visited our new Bologna headquarters, where we have been based for 14 years, have seen organisation, areas equipped with automated lines for sheet metal working (sheet metal picking warehouses and laser cutting system with automatic loading and unloading, folding robots…), 5-axis work centres with pallet changeover for precision machining of components, vertical warehouses, fitting, assembly and finishing lines, climate rooms equipped for environmental tests and final testing, for testing installation scenarios and more extreme use conditions, integrated logistics. Being autonomous and self-sufficient has always been our goal, because we want to guarantee efficient, rapid and safe production for our customers. Our processes are geolocalized and controlled; our suppliers and partners share our philosophy: ethics, efficiency, control and safety in all work phases, for people, first and foremost, and consequently for components and finished machines.


Global quality

Investments, sustainability (for years, part of the energy we use has been self-produced with a photovoltaic system), automated production processes, guarantee of employment, communication with the public around the world, none excluded. A perfect profile? We do not think so. Perfection does not exist, but we believe in intentions and ours are clear: automated and modern production processes, autonomy and centrality, defence of quality as a means of standing out, forward-thinking vision and openness towards new phases: industry 4.0, fourth industrial revolution, Internet of things (IOT). This is the universal vision of Minerva Omega Group, a company for all; an E-VOLVED company.

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