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FICO: a gamble in the agri-food industry to promote and support extraordinary ingredients.


FICO represents the Italian agri-food industry. We have a rich variety of natural foods in Italy with unique flavours and at least in this respect we are a fortunate country. FICO will no doubt also be fortunate, this permanent theme park that aims to support and promote our farming culture and agri-food heritage.



With only seven notes musicians are able to compose symphonies and beautiful works. Just seven notes cleverly put together have allowed extraordinary people over the centuries to create such a variety of different melodies. Italy is a fantastic place, full of natural products and raw materials for foods that are one of a kind in the world. No other country can offer so many simple ingredients that the wisdom and fertile imagination of our poor people have been able to come up with to create equally extraordinary culinary delights. Italian cuisine is the richest, healthiest, most varied and flavoursome in the world. There is none other quite like it anywhere in the world.


As Italians we like to think that passing on these fantastic agri-food traditions and our culture to everyone, especially young people, is part of the mission of FICO (Fabbrica Italiana Contadina) and we, too, welcome with great enthusiasm and pleasure the exhibition that has been launched in Bologna and that is intended as an authentic permanent theme park. Here the wonders of Italian biodiversity are supported, represented, exhibited and explained to the rest of the world.


We welcome FICO.


The Minerva Omega Group, proud of its Italian origins and strongly rooted in its territory, applauds and takes part emotionally and materially in this project so close to our organisation. Our main factory is just a short distance from FICO, inside of which examples of some of the equipment we manufacture are housed in a series of meat rooms. Our “pink” slicers cut slices of the most classic and well-known Bologna cold meats inside the “Bologna IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) Mortadella Consortium Factory”. Automatic Mincers and hamburger forming machines can be seen in the “Osteria del Culatello” meat room. Mixer grinders, sausage fillers, vacuum packaging machines and bone saws can instead be found in the meat room of the La Granda Consortium.


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