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Kitchen cutters


The kitchen cutter was designed for mincing, crumbling, cutting, homogenizing, kneading ,etc. different products (i.e. tomatoes, parsley,garlic, onion, chilly pepper, breadcrumbs, chocolate, dried fruit, mozzarella, meat, soft dough for cakes, vegetables,etc.) .Ideal to reduce working time preparation in professional kitchens. The action of the rotating blades allows a quick and simple operation,by keeping all organic properties of the products completeley intact.

All machines represented here are already set up for fitting the system for managing and monitoring NEMOSY (Nexus Monitoring SYstem ») by DSC Nexus, adopted by Minerva Omega Group exclusively.

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En 75 ans d'activité, nos machines ont acquis une place importante sur le marché international en termes de qualité de fabrication et de sécurité. Dans cette section, vous pouvez visiter nos structures de production à travers une navigation virtuelle à travers les différents services.

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