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Covid-19 safety measures for prevention


Dear Partner,


We hope and trust you are all safe and well!

Following COVID-19 cases that are occurring all over the planet, we want to assure that Minerva Omega Group team is carrying out the necessary actions to protect and prevent the health and safety of all our employees, customers and suppliers.

With a view of appropriate prevention, we have activated the required safety measures suggested by the Italian Ministry of Health; thanks to the high level of prevention, this represents an additional guarantee for all our interlocutors.

Regarding our production-commercial and technical assistance activities, we inform you that our company, as usual, is committed to maintain high quality level without any limitation.

Furthermore, we would like to reassure we are all healthy and our devices are virus-free. Our area is affected only very marginally, actually more than half of those who caught the virus are without symptoms and all deceased had other deadly sicknesses.

In my opinion the panic spread by the (dis)information system is the real problem.


No reason to be concerned for us indeed; what were really need is journalists, bloggers and jockers to find something else to care about.

Stay healthy and take care


Best regards,

Minerva Omega group S.r.l

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