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Minerva Omega Group s.r.l. was set up in 2012 after merging two leading Italian and global companies in the design and production of meat and other food processing machines and systems: La Minerva di Chiodini Mario, of Bologna, and Omega CEG, of Varese.



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Today, Minerva Omega Group, with its international renown now further boosted thanks to an efficient, modern management system, can boast one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, a consolidated client portfolio with a presence in every food sector with both large wholesalers and retailers in every country in the world. It also offers first-class customer service.


Minerva Omega Group S.r.l. is a consolidated business with all-Italian excellence in the sector, investing strongly in the design and development of new models, equipment and automated production lines: “We believe in quality, brought about by the group-wide commitment from our employees and collaborators. Despite the substantial difficulties and competition from countries where production costs are much lower, we are defending and sustaining Made in Italy production with all of our strength, without moving production of our main components and machine assembly from our Bologna and Varese premises. Our commitment is considerable, our investment in keeping ourselves technologically and qualitatively competitive is continuous and involves the entire production chain. Excellence, skills and quality are crucial values for us. The company's continued development on all markets is the best possible response to the question whether it is worth investing in Italian manufacturing.”


The production line, centralised and automated in modern, new 5,000 m2 covered premises opened in 2003, together with the Omega production plant, includes an extremely diverse range of food processing, preservation and packaging machines catering to every possible requirement for the following sectors:

- food counter professionals

- large wholesalers

- catering

- food processing industry

- hotel and restaurant chains

To distribute its products around the world, and provide effective technical support and exclusive consultancy, La Minerva has created a large sales and service organisation.


La Minerva's network of dealers covers the whole of Italy, while it has entered into partnerships in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, Canada, North Africa and the Middle East.


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Throughout our 75 years in business, our machines have earned themselves a high-profile spot on the international market for manufacturing quality and safety. In this section, you can take a virtual tour of the various departments at our production facility.

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